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$ $14 - $18 an hour

I am a physical therapist with special research interest in healing and spirituality. I am seeking a part-time, contracted Media and Outreach Coordinator with the possibility of developing into a more consistent full-time role. The pay range is from $14.00-$18.00/hr, based on experience.

Since the 1980’s I have been documenting a variety of spiritual and mystical experiences in a dream-like journal titled, “Data Entry of Inner Life Experiences”. I have followed up with integrating and correlating research on these revelatory, visionary experiences. For several of these, I have documented through vivid illustrations, in order to enhance my own integrative process but also to share and reveal with others how the world of spirit can communicate to us through the forgotten language of dreams.
Our purpose is to expand awareness and consciousness of a more expanded vision of who we are and extend the perspective of an interconnectedness among humanity. In addition, I hope to reveal the universal death and rebirth or resurrection process which enhances our spiritual perception that we as a humanity are all one.

During the last year, I have begun to reach out to spiritual mentors and colleagues to expand this visionary world-view of our planet. Of course, I’m still trying to practice this experience of oneness locally but see a more global application to humanity. For example, I recently presented a symposium related the healing inner light at the International Association for Study of Dreams conference this summer and also hope to develop a social media presence along with related networking opportunities online.

As I start to share more of the experience and subsequent knowledge I have documented I will need ongoing support to develop media, marketing and outreach efforts. I am not very technologically savvy and am still figuring out which platforms are best for sharing different types of content. The Media and Outreach Coordinator responsibilities may entail:


  • Respond to email inquiries from community and media
  • Maintain social media pages, garner a following and share content
  • Including, but not limited to: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, etc…
  • Support in content creation and consulting on best practices by platform
  • Create blog posts, monthly newsletter, PowerPoint presentations, short video clips, social media posts & stories
  • Share and market our content within the community and to professional associations
  • May expand to basic web page development and maintenance can use a basic template site like SquareSpace or WordPress
  • Maintain an organized Google Drive of files, graphic depictions, blogs, and generated content


  • Proficient in Gmail, Word, PowerPoint, Google Drive
  • Proficient in Social Media platforms, including, but not limited to:
  • YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok
  • Reliable, responsible, and professional
  • Have a creative and visual eye
  • Previous content creation experience
  • Some video editing experience a plus
  • Previous experience in blogging or website design a plus
  • Patience necessary to work with someone who is not tech-savvy
  • Interest in spirituality, mystical inner life experiences, dream consciousness, symbolism, and near-death experience a plus
  • Someone flexible as this is a new role and may shift as it is developed
  • Ability to “wear many hats” and pivot as needed

If you think you would be a good fit for this position, please email me your resume and a brief cover letter of why you would like to be involved. As a result of my technology challenges, I would like to have you include your phone number with your resume.
Thank you for your interest!

Job Type: Part-time

Pay: $14.00 - $18.00 per hour

Work Location:

  • Multiple locations

Work Remotely:

  • Temporarily due to COVID-19

Work Location: Multiple Locations

Published 2021-10-04

looks for a Social Media Spiritual Awakening Consultant in Oakland, CA 94619 location.

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The proposed salary for Social Media Consultant Jobs position at is $14 - $18 an hour.

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