Special Assistant: Social Media Enhancement

Special Assistant: Social Media Enhancement at

$ Confidential

Special Assistant, Social Media Enhancement

  • Under the direction of the History Division (HD) Archivists, the Assistant will increase
overall awareness of History Division and their archives collection for the public.
  • Generate for approval and share engaging content regularly (e.g. original text, photos,
videos and news).
  • Highlight archives collections through HD’s social media accounts including Facebook,
Twitter, Flickr and YouTube
  • Draft responses to queries in a timely manner and monitor customer reviews.
  • Perform basic image capture, enhancement, file organization tasks and create
technical/administrative metadata.
  • Assist with reviewing and developing the HD web presence as a source and reference for
social media content.
  • Other duties as needed including clerical and maintenance duties


  • Basic knowledge of American and USMC history
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience with Microsoft Office and G-suite applications
Experience with social media platforms for business

Marine Corps Heritage Foundation is an equal opportunity employer.

Published 2022-01-07

looks for a Special Assistant: Social Media Enhancement in Triangle, VA 22172 location.

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